Grandpa Spanks Teenager : Yammy Dolly Buttocks

dolly spanked

Grandpa Spanks Teenager

Afte my last spanking fetish story (old libertine couple punish teen) , i’ve got many comments – please, write much more about this kinky fetish. Well, ok! 🙂 Here’s grandpa spanks teenager scene from : yammy college girl Dolly needed to give up her sweet immaculate buttocks to spank by chubby old geeezer! OTK spanking is my favourite fetish! Pervy daddy started to do it through her pants at first. Her clothes were lifted down and her bare buttocks were ready for hard old man hand. Tender skin turned to red very quickly. It’s was very hot and painfully.  Do you like to spank teen girls? Bad college hoes?)) I like to do it very much too! Don’t you want to discuss it in comments?

grandpa spanks teenager
grandpa spanks teenager

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